Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today was our first full day in!  Is it crazy here!  After a good night's sleep (oh, hello, real bed!) we got up and went to the Ginza area where there is an amazingly large stationery store.  Itoya has NINE floors of stationery, pens, journals, rubber stamps, inks, stickers...I had to restrain myself from buying one of everything :)  During our shopping, Naoto & I stopped on the top floor for a snack:

HOT DOG!  Although it might seem like we are eating a lot of American food (with our daily trips to Mister Donut), even hot dogs & hamburgers have a Japanese twist.  This hot dog in particular had dijon mustard, tomato sauce (NOT ketchup) and lettuce and the bun was a-MAZE-ing!  It was lightly toasted and soft and's the little details that make Japanese foods so good :) 

I also had a lemon sukashu to drink--freshly squeezed lemon with a little bit of sugar mixed with sparkling soda...soooo gooooood! 

After Itoya (where I only spent a respectable 7,000 yen), we went to Tokyu Hands, another store with several stories of craft items, household goods, travel gadgets, people trying to sell you fancy pillows...

After all that shopping, we were ready for a trip to Mister Donut (did you think we would go a day without a stop there?)  We had our usual, a sampling of donuts & coffee, and then headed back to the hotel for some rest before dinner. 

We went to a izakaya (Japanese pub) for dinner.  At the izakaya, you order small plates of food to share while you drink your sake or beer.  We had  sashimi, noodles and tatsutage (fried patty with vegetables, seafood and tofu--once I saw the octopus tentacles, Naoto got the rest!)  It was a good experience that we might have to repeat again :) 

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